Terms And Conditions

1. General conditions

1.1. Hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, provides all deliveries and services solely on the basis of these Terms and Conditions.

1.2. By using the “beeble.com” web site and making use of Beeble services offered by the Company, you are agreeing to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions cover all present and future features offered by Beeble account, individually and collectively referred to as the “Services”.

1.3. These Terms and Conditions apply to natural and legal persons, as wells as to entrepreneurs and consumers. If you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions on behalf of a legal person or another legal entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind such entity, its affiliates and all users who access the Services through your account to these Terms and Conditions. In the absence of such an authority, you may not use the Services.

1.4. The customer has the right to withdraw from the Services and delete his account at any time without giving a reason. This is equivalent to an immediate termination of the contract with the company.

1.5. Company retains the right to extend Services and make improvements if these are pertinent to the technical progress, if these seem to be necessary to prevent abuse, or if the Company is required to do so by law. With the consent of the customer, Company can conduct other changes in the content of the contract, including these Terms and Conditions, if the change is reasonable to the customer taking into account the interests of the Company.

1.6. The Company provides Services for saving, editing, sharing and electronic transmission of data, such as email service, contact management and data storage.

2. Conclusion and performance of the Services contract

2.1. Free services offered by Beeble up to the amount of 1 GB.

2.2. The customer sends the request on completion of the proposed contract by filling the registration form. The contract is concluded with the allocation of an account by the Company, after approval of submitted data using the customer’s registred account name and password.

2.3. Services are provided only to real customers, natural (age 16 or older) and legal persons, with legal capacity. Accounts registered by “bots” or automated methods are not authorized and will not be registered. If detected and confirmed, such Accounts will be deleted.

2.4. Each customer using Beeble services is solely responsible for all of messages and data sent through the Services. Customer agree to not use this Services for any unlawful or prohibited activities. All information, documents and other information are the property of the user, and Beeble cannot be held responsible for such data. The Company may terminate accounts which are being used for illegal activity, particularly in response to court orders from the competent authorities informing us of such illegal activity, in accordance with applicable EU and internal law. It is primarily about any action that may violate the order arising from criminal provisions and other laws.

2.5. The customer acknowledge and agree to not use their Accounts to send Spam, junk mail, bulk emails or mailing list emails that contain persons that have not specifically agreed to be included on that list. Sending of emails is inadmissible if it is a mass-mailing to recipients without their consent and/or if it is a promotional email and consent of the recipient is not given. Any account found to be sending the aforementioned type of emails will be immediately suspended.

2.6. The Company has the right to show customers security notes and information regarding contracts with clients or updating of Services at any time, having in mind the interest of the client.

2.7. The Company has no obligation to store or forward the contents of terminated accounts. Beeble have no obligation to store messages for accounts that are over their storage quotas. Due to the encrypted nature of the Services, you acknowledge that the Company has no ability or obligation to recover your data if you misplace your decryption password. The Company has also the right to limit the maximum size of stored messages and emails to be sent to an appropriate size.

2.8. The customer will not hold the Company liable or seek indemnification if confidential material is unintentionally released as the result of a security failure or vulnerability in the performance of the Services. In particular, the liability for any lost profit is excluded. The Company is not liable for the content or the activities of its users. Beeble is not responsible for the stored data that is in the user’s mailbox and in the cloud.

2.09. The customer declares that he is over 16 years old.

2.10. E-mail address for complaint: complaint@beeble.com

2.11. The Company’s Privacy Policy explains the way we handle and protect your personal data and privacy in relation to your use of the Services and your browsing of the beeble.com web site. By agreeing to the present Terms and Conditions and to be able to use the Services, customer acknowledge and agree to our Privacy Policy.

3. Jurisdiction

3.1. The laws of the state of EU shall apply. This does not affect mandatory provisions of the country in which private customers who are consumers have their main residence. In all communications with consumers within the European Union the law of the domicile country of the consumer may also be used, provided that mandatory consumer laws are applicable.