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Our end-to-end encrypted email and cloud storage solution provides the most powerful means of secure communication, ensuring the safety and privacy of your data.

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easy to use &
open source.

Our goal is to make technology accessible and easy to use for everyone. We prioritize innovation, openness, and user-centered approach.

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Private by design

We have created a distributed and decentralized infrastructure for encrypted data storage. All information is protected and geographically duplicated in several countries.

Beeble e-mail

Open source

We firmly uphold the values of transparency and privacy as fundamental principles. With that in mind, we're thrilled to announce our intent to open source our technologies, ensuring accessibility for everyone.


End-to-end encrypted

Advanced data encryption, no third parties, not even Beeble can decrypt information we store or access user accounts without their permission.

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Our products

Pushing privacy ideology further together.

We’re committed to putting people before profits. Privacy isn’t just something we talk about — it’s a deeply held core belief and the reason Beeble was created in the first place.

Beeble Drive

Shield all your files with encrypted cloud storage.

Regardless of the type of file or folder you need to back up, whether it's photos, videos, large CAD files, or PowerPoint presentations, Beeble's cloud storage solutions provide a secure and reliable option for storing and sharing them.

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Right from the beginning, our impact is significant.

Join the Beebler movement with other individuals and businesses who trust us to store and protect their data.

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How does Beeble shield my data?
We adhere to the principle of zero-data access. It means that we receive your data in an encrypted form, and all the processes associated with cryptography take place on your device. No third parties, not even Beeble can decrypt information we store or access user accounts without their permission.
How Beeble stores my data?
Your encrypted data is stored in several data centers, distributed geographically. All information is duplicated for maximum reliability.
What is Beeble?
Beeble is the powerful end-to-end encrypted communication platform, ensuring unmatched safety and privacy for your data.
Can I use Beeble for free?
Absolutely. You can create a free Beeble account. Once you would like to use our additional features to solve your tasks, you can choose any other suitable plan.
Can I transfer corporate email and use Beeble services on my domain?
Yes. You can connect your organization’s domain to Beeble, and all corporate email will be protected.
Why should I choose Beeble over any other secured ecosystem?
We unitize the most secure technologies available, including Argon2+OPAQUE, to maintain the highest level of security. The unparalleled level of encryption sets us apart from even the most established competitors, who are unable to offer the same level of security.
How secure is Beeble mail?
The security of our users is one of our top priorities. Here's how we make Beeble secure:

No tracking: Beeble does not monitor or collect user data, which helps to protect user privacy and prevent the targeting of ads based on browsing behavior.

Advanced data encryption: No third parties — not even Beeble — can decrypt information we store or access user accounts without their permission.

Open source: We are committed to full transparency. Privacy is a fundamental principle. Therefore, we look forward to making our technologies Open Source and accessible for everyone.
Could you explain encryption and specify the data Beeble encrypts?
Encryption is the method of transforming information into an unreadable format, ensuring that only authorized parties can decipher it. Through intricate algorithms, data is converted into an unintelligible string of characters, with the ability to revert it to its original form relying on a unique encryption key.

All your letters and attachments in Beeble encrypted email are stored in an encrypted form. In the same encrypted form, they are sent between Beeble users. There are only two parties that can read the message – the sender and the addressee to whom the letter is sent.
Can I use my custom domain?
If you have a paid Beeble plan, you can use it to send and receive emails (for example Please note, the number of custom domains depends on your Beeble plan. We recommend exploring our Beeble Premium.
How much storage can I use?
Beeble provides users with 1 GB of free storage for their emails and attachments. Paid plans provide up to 1 TB of storage per account.
Are Beeble Mail and Drive related?
Yes. The same account provides access to all Beeble products. On top of that, all of our products are interconnected, which means you can compose your emails and work with your files simultaneously.
Is Beeble Drive free?
Completely. You can use it for free and store up to 1GB of files. If you would like to access premium features, such as advanced sharing, password-protected files etc. we invite you to explore our plans and pricing.
How do I access Beeble Drive?
It’s very simple. Log in to your account at, locate the App switched on the left navigation and select Beeble Drive.
What is the largest file size I can upload to Beeble Drive?
We do not have any file upload limits. Please make sure you have the required space available. If you would like to increase your encrypted cloud storage, we invite you to explore our plans and pricing.
Can I store photos in Beeble Drive?
Yes! With plenty of storage, storing photos and files is easy. Preview and share them with one click.
Can Beeble recover my password?
In case of password loss, your unique recovery code is the only tool you can use. Beeble does not forward, store, or use your password in a plain text. Only you know and enter it on your device. We cannot recover or remind you of your password because we do not know it.
I forgot my password. What can I do?
In that case, there’s only one way to access your account. Upon registration, our application generates the recovery code on your device. It’s the last and only way to access your account if you are forgotten your password. Please use your Recovery code, which is generated during registration. If you lost your password and Recovery code, it is not possible to access your account.
Is communication between Beeble users and other services encrypted?
When communicating with users of traditional email (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), by default, letters are sent in unencrypted form. This is done to maintain compatibility. At the same time, all letters in your Beeble account are stored in an encrypted form and are reliably protected.

However, you can send an encrypted message to a user of another service. To do this, when writing a letter, you must protect it with a password. In this case, the recipient will receive a notification of receipt of the encrypted message and a link to view it. By opening the link and entering the password, your correspondent will be able to read the letter and even reply to it. In this case, all correspondence remains protected.

See you on the other side.

Our end-to-end encrypted email and cloud storage solution provides the most powerful means of secure data exchange, ensuring the safety and privacy of your data.

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