Private Secure Email
and Encrypted Cloud Storage
Without Third Party Access

Your information belongs only to you, period.

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What is Beeble?

We have created a secure Email and Cloud storage, putting privacy at the forefront.

From the very beginning, Beeble platform has been created in such a way that only the user has the access to his personal information.

The information in our servers is not stored, sent or processed in an open form. We do not have access to the users’ passwords and encryption keys. All data is encrypted on the client’s device and then transferred to us. This means that neither we, nor any third party can decrypt the information we store and access the contents of letters or files without the user’s knowledge.

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Why you should choose Beeble?

We believe that everyone has the right to privacy and protection of their information.


Your unique password and encryption keys are known only to you. Neither we nor anyone else can access the information without your permission.


All your emails and files are encrypted with tested cryptographic algorithms. This eliminates the possibility of access to your information by third parties. Even we have no access to your personal information.


We have created a distributed and decentralized infrastructure for encrypted data storage. All information is protected and geographically duplicated in several countries.

The Most Important Information Is Always At Hand

Truly Secure Encrypted Email and Cloud Storage for Maximum Privacy.

Compatibility with traditional email services
Encrypted emails and files can be sent to recipients who use traditional email. That way the safety of communication with any correspondent is ensured.
Ease of use
Beeble works on any device and your data is protected automatically and seamlessly. It is not required to install additional programs or plug-ins to work with Email and Cloud storage.
Interconnection of Email and Cloud
Beeble Email and Cloud are inter-integrated. There are no more restrictions on the size of letters. Files of any sizes will be delivered.
Self-destructing letters
To maintain maximum confidentiality, you can set an automatic deletion time for any letter or file. After the deletion, this information cannot be restored.
Decentralized infrastructure
When developing Beeble, a fault-tolerant and secure server infrastructure was created. The data of our users is securely encrypted, geographically and legally distributed between various countries and duplicated for maximum protection.
Audio and video messages for everyone
In Beeble Email, you can exchange audio and video messages. Messaging becomes easy and dynamic. Such messages can be successfully sent to users of other email services.
Only the user knows the password
Your unique and complex password is the key to your data. Beeble does not forward, store, or use your password in an open form. Only you know and enter it on your device. We cannot recover or remind your password because we do not know it.

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