Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Beeble project. The list is constantly updated.

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General questions

Can I use Beeble for free?
Yes. We offer a free account for private individuals with a total email and cloud storage of 1024 MB and basic functions. You can choose a suitable data plan in the future, to solve your tasks.
How to register for the service?
At the moment, the project has entered the early access stage, and anyone can register through the PRICES section or directly by clicking the REGISTER button.
I have my own company. Can I transfer corporate email and use Beeble services on my domain?
Yes. You can connect your organization’s domain to Beeble, and all corporate email will be protected. Beeble logon window for your employees can also be placed on your company’s website.

Your Beeble password and security

I forgot my password, can I recover it?
No. The system is built in such a way that it is impossible to recover the password, since we do not know it.

Please, write down and save your password if you assume that you can forget it.
Can I change my password
Yes, if you know your current password.
Which browser is better to choose?
We recommend using the latest versions of current browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

Our system will warn you if the browser is not supported or does not meet the required level of security.
Where is my data stored?
Your encrypted data is stored in several data centres, distributed geographically and legally. All information is duplicated for maximum reliability.
Can I be sure that my data will not be lost?
When creating Beeble, we put the highest priority on the protection, security and confidentiality of your data. To insure it, we built a distributed server infrastructure in modern and reliable data centres. Our engineers are monitoring data safety 24 hours a day. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee 100% safety of your data, because this is impossible per se.
What information about client actions do you collect and process?
We process only technical information to analyse and improve Beeble. No personalized user data or user information is stored.
Does Beeble comply with GDPR?
Is Beeble anonymous?
Beeble, first of all, is a system for protection of your communication and data from access by third parties without your knowledge. We believe that anonymity in the sense of the complete concealment of an identifiable person on the Internet is impossible and, more to say, very detrimental. All your ‘trips” on the World Wide Web can be anonymous, but if you say or do something on the Web, then anonymity is not appropriate. By analogy with the real world, it is unlikely that you will perceive positively a person in a mask or without a name who hides himself during communication or business. There should be an elementary degree of responsibility. Therefore, our priority is data protection, not identity hiding.
Is communication between Beeble users and other services encrypted?
When communicating with users of traditional email (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), by default, letters are sent in unencrypted form. This is done to maintain compatibility. At the same time, all letters in your Beeble account are stored in an encrypted form and are reliably protected.

You can send an encrypted message to a user of another service. To do this, when writing a letter, you must protect it with a password. In this case, the recipient will receive a notification of receipt of the encrypted message and a link to view it. By opening the link and entering the password, your correspondent will be able to read the letter and even reply to it. In this case, all correspondence remains protected.
How and where does encryption take place?
Unlike other services that offer “secure email”, in Beeble, all processes related to encryption take place on your device and only after that the data gets to the Network, so your task is to take care of protecting the device from which you use the service. Our servers do not participate in data encryption, which guarantees maximum privacy for users.
What encryption algorithms are used in Beeble?
A set of proven algorithms based on open source, such as PGP, AES-256, Argon2, SSL/TLS.
Where are Beeble Servers located?
For reliable and safe operation of the Beeble platform, we have created a decentralized server infrastructure that guarantees data safety and system operability even when 2/3 of servers are physically disconnected. Servers are located in the data centres in Europe and beyond.
Does Beeble support two-factor authentication?
Yes. It is under development.

Beeble Mail

Frequently Asked Questions about using an email

What is the maximum size for letters and attachments?
The limit on email attachments is 20 MB for compatibility of Beeble with traditional email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. If you send a larger attachment, it will be uploaded to your Cloud and sent as a link.
Can I use third-party IMAP email clients to work with Beeble?
At the moment, this is not possible, because Beeble uses its own algorithms for working with email, and they are incompatible with third-party email clients. We plan to create plugins and proxy applications for universal compatibility.
Does Beeble use spam filters?
Yes. But spam filters only work on incoming emails from external sources. Spam filters between Beeble users do not work, because emails are sent in an encrypted form and are not available for processing. In this case, you can create your own email filtering rules.
Does Beeble support filtering rules for incoming messages?
Yes. The settings are in the user profile.
Can I receive notifications of incoming Beeble emails?
Yes. The settings are in the user profile.