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We are a group of businessmen, enthusiasts, developers and engineers, concerned about today’s trends and issues in the field of information security and privacy. Being united in the concern for the right to privacy in the digital age, we create a confidential and secure environment for communication, storage of any data and automation of work processes.


“Human Right Council”

The need to address the challenges that the digital world brings to the right to privacy is more acute than ever. Driven mostly by the private sector, digital technologies that continually exploit data linked to people’s lives, are progressively penetrating the social, cultural, economic and political fabric of modern societies. Increasingly powerful data-intensive technologies, such as big data and artificial intelligence, threaten to create an intrusive digital environment in which both States and business enterprises are able to conduct surveillance, analyse, predict and even manipulate people’s behaviour to an unprecedented degree. While there is no denying that data-driven technologies can be put to highly beneficial uses, these technological developments carry very significant risks for human dignity, autonomy and privacy and the exercise of human rights in general if not managed with great care.

— an excerpt from the Report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

We want to add that the dominance of technology giants allows them to accumulate unprecedented power over the digital world by collecting and monetizing personal and business information of billions of people. Their hidden control destroys the very essence of privacy and creates unprecedented challenges to human rights.

Our mission is to give people an alternative that embodies the paradigm of absolute privacy. Where all your information is your property, and no one can access it without your knowledge and wish.


“Viam Supervadet Vadens”

The global spread of the Internet has perhaps led to the most fundamental political, cultural and social transformation in human history. Unprecedented access to the information of billions of people has led to incredible opportunities and the disclosure of human potential. But to the same extent, it has led to a total control of the population by the state, private individuals and corporations, manipulation of public opinions and fraud. It will not be superfluous to note that the concentration of all user information from technology companies, to which they have full access, gives them incredible competitive advantages.

Observing and analysing these trends, in 2009 arose the idea of creating a project exclusively for your own needs, which would allow to communicate and store information without fear of leaks and access by third parties. But the massive revelations of recent years made by Julian Assange and Edward Snowden have forced us to revise the ideas focused on our own needs and expand them to a global scale. The project was based on the concept of absolute privacy.

The preparations of descriptions, technical tasks, team building and fundraising began. The project required significant financial resources. In the process to get investments we faced unacceptable requirements, which often were against the project paradigm.

And only after eight long years, in 2017, we finally had the opportunity to implement this project on our own, independently of anyone else.

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