Zero-data access

When creating Beeble, we adhered to the principle of zero-data access. It means that we receive your data in an encrypted form, and all the processes associated with cryptography take place on your device. In this case, the encryption keys are secured by a password known only to you.

We have excluded the possibility of decrypting information even at the level of the developers of the service, not to mention third parties. This approach is applied both to email and to cloud storage.

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The best security technologies

Privacy begins with a password
We do not know, do not store and never forward your password openly. When you log into the system and enter the password, a hash code is generated on your device using the Argon2 algorithm. The hash code is sent to us for authentication. There is no way to know your password by a hash code.
End-to-end encryption
All your letters and attachments in Beeble secure email are stored in an encrypted form. In the same encrypted form, they are sent between Beeble users. There are only two parties that can read the message – the sender and the addressee to whom the letter is sent.
Your password – your protection

Each mailbox in Beeble has its own unique private key for encrypting letters. This key is locally generated once during the registration process and then locally encrypted with your password. That is why we set high requirements for password complexity. It is not possible to register in Beeble with a simple password.

Using the ultimate solutions for maximum protection, we, unfortunately, have no way to recover a forgotten password.

Secure SSL/TLS connection
The transmitted data between our servers and your device is already securely encrypted, but we also use an additional layer of SSL encryption, which ensures that the transmitted traffic between Beeble and you will not be intercepted by a third party.
PGP signature authentication
Another layer of protection for your privacy is digital stamp authentication technology, with which every email is signed. This additionally guarantees the recipient that the sender of the letter is exactly the user who wrote it, and the message was not replaced.
Proven encryption technologies
We use only uncompromising and proven solutions to protect your email. Messages sent between Beeble users are encrypted using the PGP algorithm with a key length of 4096 bits. The password is hashed using the algorithm Argon2. The encryption libraries we use are in the public domain and are developed by the Open Source community. Anyone can check the code and be sure that it does not contain hidden bookmarks.
Zero-data access to user files
In Beeble Cloud, each file is encoded with a randomly generated encryption key. Each generated key is encrypted with a password that is known only to the user. All encryption processes take place on the user’s device.
Hybrid AES and PGP encryption
To encrypt files, we use randomly generated AES-256 keys, which are subsequently protected by a private 4096-bit PGP user key. There is no technical means for decrypting files without the participation of the user with his password.
Secure SSL/TLS connection

All the uploaded and downloaded files in the cloud are already encrypted, but just like in Beeble secure email, we use an additional layer of SSL/TLS encryption, which ensures that the transmitted traffic between Beeble and you will not be replaced by a third party.

Using the ultimate solutions for maximum protection, we, unfortunately, have no way to recover a forgotten password.

Email Integration
Files received by email can be easily stored in the cloud. And the data uploaded to the cloud can be sent by email with no problems. In any of these cases, inside Beeble, information is always transmitted in encrypted form. Working with regular email, you can send files openly, as usual attachments, or protect them with a separate password, which the addressee will need to decrypt.
Geographic replication
Your data in Beeble Cloud is stored in three copies, each of which is saved in an independent data centre in different countries and is reliably protected. There is a constant synchronization of data over secure channels between data centres.
Decentralized infrastructure
For reliable and safe operation of the Beeble platform, we have created a decentralized server infrastructure, which guarantees data safety and system operability even when 2/3 of servers are physically disconnected. The geographic and legal separation of data centres creates an unprecedented level of reliability for the Beeble cloud.

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No Ads And Tracking

There are no advertisements on Beeble. We do not use tracking systems or index your data.

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Full-Text Search

We have developed a mechanism for secure, customizable searches across all your emails and the cloud.

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Always Up-to-date

You do not have to worry about updates. The Beeble system is updated automatically.

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