Additional Regulations

Beeble cloud

Beeble undertakes to take all measures to ensure that the Client functions properly Services.

We try to provide access to the server via the Internet 24 hours a day, all days of the year. In if necessary, Beeble reserves the right to interrupt the operation of the server, purpose make a technical intervention leading to the improvement of its operation. Beeble will notify before the client about the type and duration of the intervention.

Beeble responsibility

Beeble reserves the right to immediately disconnect the Internet connection of the Cloud Server if this server is a threat to maintaining the security of the platform Beeble, in particular when it is caused by hacking the aforementioned server, which may result in recognizing a security error system.

Beeble is not responsible for the content of information, sound, text, images, photos, form elements, data available on the website located on the Beeble server, sent or posted on the Internet by the customer. Beeble is not responsible for partial or total failure to comply with obligations by network operators (in particular internet access providers) and / or for faults for which they are responsible.

Obligations and responsibility of the client

The customer himself bears the risk of his activities. The client is responsible for stored any content that may be inconsistent with applicable law. For the content information sent, disseminated or collected, for its exploitation and updating, such as the customer is also responsible for all files.

The customer declares that he fully accepts all legal obligations arising from the services they provide. Beeble is not responsible for any breaches of the law by the Customer related to the provision of its services.

The use of SPAM is strictly prohibited. The customer undertakes not to use the function e-mail for sending large numbers of messages (SPAM) or to people, who do not want to receive them. It is also forbidden to run the application on the server used to attack or break into other servers.

Payment terms for Beeble services

Due to their nature, the paid Services provided by Beeble are non-refundable and any refunds or credits will be at Beeble’s sole discretion. Paid Accounts that are closed due to breach of Terms will result in the loss of all payments and credits and will not be eligible for a refund.

If Beeble decides to refund the money for any reason, Beeble is only obligated to refund in the original currency of the payment. If you request a loan balance to be converted between different currencies supported by Beeble, Beeble has the right to decide on the exchange rate used.

Beeble has the right to cease providing services immediately upon detection of fraudulent payment, such as the use of a stolen credit card, and such instances may be referred to the competent authorities.

You authorize Beeble to charge any credit card provided monthly or annually. Credit balances will also be deducted automatically monthly or annually. You are responsible for updating your card information.

If, as a user of a paid account, you fail to fulfill your payment obligation, we may suspend your account or delete it after a longer delay.

If you are relying on dispute or chargeback mechanisms from third party payment processors and the outcome of that mechanism causes Beeble to be liable for an amount in excess of the price paid for the service (eg a Dispute Fee), you authorize Beeble to debit that amount in your account.

Terms of use of the website

The website and each of its elements, including but not limited to trademarks, logos, icons, infographics, photos, are protected by international intellectual property law. The content on the website is the property of Beeble or other companies. The use, copying and distribution of all or part of the website and / or its elements without the express consent of Beeble is prohibited.

Other trademarks and logos appearing on the site are the sole property of third parties and Beeble has no rights to them. They are protected by intellectual property rights. Trademarks of these companies may not be used or copied without their express consent. If you wish to use these trademarks, please contact their respective owners.

Personal data

Viewing the resources posted on the website does not require providing your personal data.